Arizona Medical Marijuana Laws

What are the Arizona Medical Marijuana Laws? What are the Medical Marijuana rules in Arizona? How do I get Medical Marijuana in Arizona? Where can I get marijuana in Arizona?

These are important questions regarding Arizona’s Medical Marijuana Program. We will provide some basic information to help simplify the process of obtaining Medical Marijuana in Arizona. Also, how to stay compliant with Arizona’s Medical Marijuana Program laws, rules, and guidelines.

The Medical Marijuana program in Arizona was the result of a citizens initiative called prop 203 that was placed on the ballet in November of 2010. The passage of that initiative created the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act. This new law tasked the Arizona Department of Health Services with creating a Medical Marijuana program including all it’s infrastructure. The infrastructure included two main components or objectives.

The first objective was to develope a registry identification program that included Medical Marijuana cards to identify certified patients while protecting the privacy of every participant in the program. These registry identification cards or medical marijuana cards also track the amount of medicine each patient purchases from dispensaries. The legal limit or maximum allowable amount for each qualifying patient is 2-1/2 ounces every two weeks. Medical Marijuana cards in Arizona are valid for one year and, patients must renew their card every year in order to stay in compliance with all program rules and guidelines.

The second objective was to create a state licensed Medical Marijuana dispensary system that provides safe and legal access to medicine for certified patients in Arizona. The first dispensary opened for business in Glendale, AZ in December of 2012. Currently, there are 54 State licensed dispensaries open for business in Arizona.

Finally, the Department of Health Services allows only medical doctors to evaluate the medical records of qualifying patients and provide recommendations to the State for entry into the Medical Marijuana Program in Arizona.

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