How much does a Medical Marijuana card cost in Arizona?

The state of Arizona’s Department of Health Services charges a $150.00 fee to process your application and mail out your Medical Marijuana card. Your Arizona Medical Marijuana card is good for one year. In order to stay in compliance with state laws, the card has to be renewed every year. The fee for renewal of your Medical Marijuana card in Arizona is currently $150.00.

In order to get certified by the state of Arizona into the Medical Marijuana program you must first receive a doctor’s recommendation from a physician licensed to practice medicine in the state of Arizona.

The doctor’s evaluation or recommendation is going to cost about $150.00. This service should include taking your picture, scanning and uploading all the proper documents to the state’s website, and completing your online application.

The total cost of a Medical Marijuana card in Arizona is approximately $300.00 per year. Currently there are no insurance providers in the state of Arizona that cover these cost.

At Valley Evaluation Centers we offer a turnkey service to every patient. All you have to do is bring your Medical records to your scheduled appointment. We do everything else.

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